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Cotterman Standard Fixed Steel Ladder (One-Piece)
Online Pricing Starting at 124.64
Available Heights: 3'3" (4 Rungs) to 19'3" (20 Rungs)
Available Heights: 6'8" (4 Rungs) to 22'8" (20 Rungs)
Available Heights: 10'8" (8 Rungs) to 32'8" (30 Rungs)
Available Heights: 13'8" (11 Rungs) to 32'8" (30 Rungs)
Cotterman Standard Fixed Steel Ladder with Cage
Online Pricing Starting at 606.77
Available Heights: 10'3" (11 Rungs) to 29'3" (30 Rungs)
Available Heights: 10'3" (11 Rungs) to 29'3" (30 Rungs)
Cotterman Series C Welded Steel Cage
Online Pricing Starting at 466.87
Available Heights: 7'6" to 27'6"
Available Heights: 6' to 14'
Widths: 18"
Load Rating: 300 lbs.
Cotterman Welded Steel Dock Ladders Series DWT
Online Pricing Starting at 151.00
Cotterman Security Ladder Guard
Online Pricing Starting at 326.38
Available Heights: 1'6" to 9'6"
Widths: 24"
Load Rating: 300 lbs.
Available Heights: 6', 8'
Cotterman Security Entry Gate
Online Price: 158.22

Cotterman Safety Chain Attachment

The Cotterman Safety Chain Attachment is an enhanced safety measure, used on Cotterman walk thru handrails to prevent accidental exit from the top of the landing surface. National Ladder and Scaffold Co. carries the entire Cotterman Ladder Line as well as safety equipment.

Product Code: Series D3

Cotterman Security Cage Entry Gate Option

The Cotterman Security Cage Entry Gate is designed to prevent unauthorized entry into the bottom of the ladder cage. The Cotterman Security Cage is an enhanced safety accessory that ensures no unauthorized entry to the ladder from outside sources. This design has lockable hasp for complete security and control.

Product Code: Series CG

Cotterman Stand-Off Landing Platform
Online Pricing Starting at 426.73
Load Rating: 300 lbs.
Widths: 16" - 26", 24" - 40"

National Ladder & Scaffold Co. carries the entire Cotterman Fixed Steel Ladder Series including the Cotterman Series F & M, Welded Steel Cages, Welded Steel Dock Ladders and Fixed Steel Ladder Accessories. Fixed Steel Ladders are designed for solid vertical climbing access and are developed to help the everyday homeowner to the multimillion dollar construction agency. Cotterman Fixed Steel Ladders meet or exceed ANSI A14.3, OSHA 1910.27 and 1926.1053 standards and are available with or without walk-thru handrails and safety cages.

National Ladder & Scaffold Co. ships Cotterman Fixed Steel Ladders across the entire the entire country. Contact us for all of your Cotterman Fixed Steel Ladder concerns, questions, needs and suggestions. We utilize distribution resources in all major regions throughout the country, minimizing your shipping costs.

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