Cotterman Side-Step Dock Ladders Series DSS

The Cotterman DSS Welded Steel Dock Ladder is designed for safe docks and mezzanine access. This Cotterman unit has a load rating safe for up to 300 lbs. The walk thru models have 42" high handrails to increase safety.

National Ladder and Scaffold Co. supplies the entire Cotterman ladder line to contractors across the country. We have the Cotterman DSS Welded Steel Dock Ladder series in stock, ranging from 6' to 14'.


  • Load Rating - 300 lbs
  • Designed for safe dock and mezzanine access
  • Gray powder coat finish
  • 18 wide steps on side step models

Product Codes: D2SS D3SS D4SS D5SS D6SS D7SS D8SS D9SS D10SS