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Sumner Roust-A-Bout - Versatile One Man Lift

This lift turns any job into a one-man operation! The Sumner Roust-A-Bout lets one operator lift loads in small areas where other lifts just cant be used. The Roust-A-Bout is so versatile that it pays for itself after just a few days' use.The Roust-a-Bout can lift loads weighing 1,500 lb (682 kg) up to 25 feet (7.6 m) in just minutes. The operator can easily move the load vertically or horizontally, or both at the same time! Add the Sumner Tee Head Extension Bar for wider loads.

With the multipurpose Roust-a-Bout, one operator can do many jobs without come alongs, scaffolds, monorails and swing booms.


  • Mast and base sections separate quickly for ease of transportation and storage
  • The Roust-A-Bout operates in tight areas that are inaccessible for other lifts.
  • Loads can be lowered below floor level with the Roust-A-Bout's unique design.
  • Positioning: One operator can position objects weighing 1,500 lb (680 kg) with infinite accuracy up to 25 feet above


  • Sumner R-100/150 Tee-Head Extension Bar (781060)
  • Sumner R-180/200 Tee-Head Extension Bar (781061)
  • Sumner R-250 Tee-Head Extension Bar (781062)

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Product Codes: 780300 780301 780302 780303 776271 781060 781061 781062