Sumner Equipment

Long recognized as the leader in pipe handling equipment, Sumner offers a complete line of material lifts, material carts, welding tools, and jacks and stands. All products are designed to enhance jobsite safety and efficiency.

We offer Free Shipping on Sumner Material Lifts, Gantries and Roust-A-Bouts.

Sumner - 16' Eventer Lift
SKU: 784760-SUM
Sumner - 20' Eventer Lift
SKU: 783801-SUM
Sumner - 25' Eventer Lift
SKU: 783800-SUM
Sumner Mini Fat Jack with Vee Head
SKU: 785252-SUM
Sumner Midi Fat Jack with Vee Head
SKU: 785251-SUM
Sumner Maxi Fat Jack with Vee Head
SKU: 785250-SUM
Sumner Bar Stock Head (1)
SKU: 783155-SUM
Sumner Ball Transfer Head (2)
SKU: 783154-SUM
Sumner Stainless Steel Wheels (2)
SKU: 783153-SUM
Sumner Rubber Wheels (2)
SKU: 783152-SUM
Sumner Roller Wheels (2)
SKU: 783151-SUM
Sumner Table Adjust-A-Roll Base Only
SKU: 780500-SUM