Prime Design ErgoRack - Curb-Side Access - 2 Crossbars - 148" XL WB - High Roof

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Prime Design ErgoRack - Curb-Side Access - 2 Crossbars - 148" XL WB - High Roof (HBR-E-FT43B)

Prime Design has been the industry's ergonomic leader since 1992, when we first introduced the concept of an ergonomic ladder rack. Our design philosophy starts with the worker - how can we make the job safer, easier and more comfortable for the human body? That is because we firmly believe that a product's design and how it impacts the user is every bit as important as the quality of materials and construction. The ErgoRack was designed to reduce muscle stress, eliminate risk of injury and speed the job of loading and unloading ladders from a work van.


  • Improve productivity - deploys or stows in less than 20 seconds
  • Operated from standing position
  • Prevents back and muscle strain from improper loading
  • Greatest ladder-carrying capacity for Ford Transit
  • Removable handle
  • No drilling necessary
  • Hydraulic cylinder provides smooth and controlled descent
  • Winner of ergonomic awards in several countries, including USA
  • All ErgoRacks for H2 (Medium Roof) and H3 (High Roof) chassis models come with slides.
  • All racks can accommodate 16 foot to 40 foot extension ladders.
  • For rotation ladder racks, crossbars can be spaced at six, seven, or eight feet.
  • Ladders 28 feet and longer require 8 foot spacing of crossbars.
  • All racks can accommodate 8 foot step ladders.
  • 8 foot step ladders require 6 foot spacing. For step ladders longer than 8 feet, optional extended rear uppers and slides are available.
  • Three crossbar racks allows more flexibility to carry both short and long ladders.
  • Maximum roof capacity of Ford Transit is 420 pounds.

Product Code: HBR-E-FT43B

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